csictf 2020 Writeup

Isopach · July 20, 2020

We started this CTF on Monday after the UIUCTF ended. Only had about a day to solve challenges, so I started with the highest points ones. Played with the boys from CTF.SG again, and we finished at 10th with only 4 left unsolved.



Category: OSINT | 50 solves | 450 points

Challenge Description hoshimaseok is up to no good. Track him down.

Searching for the username on Google returns no results.

However, with a search tool, I was able to find other social networks that he is registered on.

Eventually, I found a github account here, with 2 repos.

Github user

Taking a quick look at the SomethingFishy repo, I have to admit that I didn’t find anything fishy at first. So I went to the weatherapi repo and found that there was another user who committed on it, which led me to the wrong rabbit hole of doing OSINT on the wrong user.

After about 10 minutes, I gave up and returned back to the SomethingFishy repo. This time, I noticed that there are 5 forks.

Bad Opsec Forks

These bad OpSec people must have been looking for something in the repo! So I looked again and noticed that there was a dev branch. Going into the branch, I found that it was 32 commits ahead of master!

And so I knew that this must be the answer. Looking through the commits one by one as there were only 32 of them, I found the flag in this commit

Commitment Flag

Maybe these people should rethink about forking challenge repos during a live CTF next time?

FLAG csictf{sc4r3d_0f_c0mm1tm3nt}



Category: Forensics | 66 solves | 492 points

Challenge Description With his dying breath, Prof. Ter Stegen hands us an image and a recording. He tells us that the image is least significant, but is a numerical key to the recording and the recording hides the answer. It may seem as though it's all for nothing, but trust me it's not.

We’re given a .wav file and an image file.

Listening to the morse.wav, I decoded it to be SEARCH-SOMEWHERE-ELSE. I tried taking it literally as the password at first, but to no avail.

Hence I worked on the image file nyc.png next. Using the LSB hint from the description, I found the string 42845193 at 1-bit LSB.

Then, by using this string to decode the morse.wav using steghide, I got the file flag.txt which was a bunch of whitespaces, tabs and newlines.

Plugging it into a whitespace decoder and executing the code, I got the flag!

unseen flag

I feel like I’m one step closer to a guess god now.

FLAG csictf{7h47_15_h0w_y0u_c4n_83c0m3_1nv151813}

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